These targets are top notch, VERY well constructed and worth the cost. If you are debating on purchasing one, From a new buyer to you. GET IT.
LV, Thanks for the work well done, It will last a wee long time..

I've had a #2 target for the last 4 months and it has become the only target I take with me in the desert. On my 6.5x20 I could easily see the hits up to 747 yards.
It's easy to take with you and install. A definite MUST if you go shooting outside a range.
The quality is awesome.
Thank you LV!!!!!! I'm more than a happy customer!!!!DesertFrog
I agree I have shot mine with my 338 LP for 600 to 1200 yds and all it takes is a fresh coat of paint to be good as new.
I have to say that these targets are excellent!
My son shot this awesome group 2" at 400yds ( he's 10 ) prone with my Sako/A5 30/338 LM Imp. ( 300 WAMBOMAG )pushing a 210 JLK at 3200fps and it didn't even dimple the steel.
Thanks Kurt for an excellent product!!!
Wayne aka WAMBO
I have bought two of them. I bought the IPSC target one and that target you put it on a wooden post. I made a frame for the post and I just hang the target it on it. Last week I put about 100 round of 556 on the target at 200 yards. The target held up well. A fresh coat of white and it was ready to get SPACKED again. LV Shooter good work. I might just have to buy another one.
I have two of the IPSC type targets that are mounted on a pole. Took them out to the range this weekend and abused them with about 100 rounds of 223 (FMJ), 80+ rounds of 308 (FMJ), 12 gauge slugs and 40 s&w all at 100 yards. The 223 left the slighest impression, but with a coat of paint that all but disapears. The slugs and 308 leave nothing but a smudge. Good stuff. Will get more as funds allow.
Upon impact they basically just go *poof*
I have shot mine with a .338 Lapua Mag, Not even a dent..
Got mine this week and it is great! Very well made!
Just picked up the targets this week from Kurt. Very well made product. Can't wait to test them out.
Got six yesterday for business. Damm nice cant wait to use them.
Shot my Mini IPSC target yesterday. 30-06 w/ 175 gr SMK @ 2921 fps. Shot it at 200 yards and it didn't even leave a dimple on the targets surface!! The auto reset action sure makes this target fun to shoot! One hell of a product LVShooter!!
Mine has about 100 rounds on it in a week. LOVE IT. If you have kids, get one for sure. My 6 year old is placing head shots out to 150 yards with a 17 Hornady. He makes me let him shoot everyday after school.
i got mine, a #2 - love it
with 300winmag, 210 bergers at 3000fps, nothing more than a splatter, no denting at all
that was at 625 yards and 975 yds.
thanks lv shooter
LV, received #2 today, put some bullets on it at 350 to 600 with 308, then shot the hell out of it with some wadcutters out of the old 357. this is one well made target and allowed me to have some in the rain. thnx for the great shipping.
Got my target and very pleased I will be trying it out saturday at 700 yards with my .308
will let you know how it goes.
And want to say that LV Shooter is a Man of Honor in my book a true stand up guy.
Will be promoting these for you at my range LV.
I had six of these targets for a couple of months now. Very happy with them.
well took mine to the range and it held up great against my .308 not a scratch just needs painted now thanks LVSHOOTER.
I am going to get some video of it and post it on here after saturday in the range report section.

Yeah, we had some fun shooting that thing, hee hee..the 300 WM made it move alot more than the 308...you sure can hear it too...too kool..
Got it. Thanks for the quick turn around.
Nice design and works great.
I just purchased my second #2target. These are well made and easy to move around if need be. I sure would like to see LV Shooter make a larger big brother of the #2, say something like 17 x 25, hint hint... thanks bro.
Yes Love it . It has around 300 rounds on it now with my .308 and a 300 win mag. at 500yards to 700 yards and no damage to it at all just have to paint it up now and then
I will be getting a few more in a month or two.
And the video will be coming soon and i will make sure you get a copy LV Shooter.
Thanks again for a great product.
Went out with LVshooter this am to test the new 3/8 25 x 15 IPSC man target. At 500m my 300wm (180gr +/- 2950fps)didn't even scratch the steel. The thinner steel produces an excellent report as LVshooter noted earlier. I don't think you could miss the sound, even with high db hearing protection. I also think the size and clear report make this perfect for long range shooting. Only one question left for me; when is mine gonna be ready?
these are great targets, as i have the 2 smaller ones. 2 weeks ago we shot the middle one (on first page) at 850 yds. painted it white and put it in a
planted deer green field. Stuck out like a sore thumb. Had to have a spotter downrange, but once we
dialed in you could hear it with electronic muffs on. OUTSTANDING!! Highly recoommend these.
Kurt is good people!!!
We closed the deal 03/13 for a #2 target and I got home today 03/15 and there she was sitting by my doorstep! Just in time for my range visit this weekend!
Excellent and lightning speed service!!!
I have been using one of Kurt’s #3’s and it’s holding up great to everything I have shot it with, from the 204 Ruger to my 338WinMag.

I have one of kurt's target's it's really cool and well built I have n0#2 and if you lighten the spring tension a .45 acp will make it fold down and pop back up lot's of fun.

Hey guys, I finally got mine (a #2) and it is cool. It's adjustable with springs in back and I used pistols and a rifle on it. Not a scratch on the target. I used a K-31 at 100 yards and never missed. This is a good deal.

Hi Folks,
I wanted to say thanks to Kurt for all the help in purchasing 10 of the #2 targets for my school.

These are the best targets I've ever used. They work perfectly and keep me out of the field. Other than some paint everynow and then thats it.

I'm disabled and not having to walk out in the field to fix or fool with target is a God sent.

We have shot these's targets with everything from 308 to 338 Lapua mags and they still look new.

Thank you once again Kurt for all the help, sir.

Regards, Vern



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